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Huzefa Roowala
Creative Director / Content Creator / Filmmaker

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Huzefa Roowala

In the vibrant heart of Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, I embarked on a journey that began with a foundation in Multimedia Production at SAE, Singapore. It's here, among the diverse tapestry of sounds and images, that I discovered my core strengths: a deep understanding of human behavior, an ability to craft content that transcends platforms, and a knack for nurturing ideas that blend creativity with technology. As I take the stage today, I’m reminded of the myriad stories that have unfolded through my lens, from the groundbreaking rebranding of MTV to pioneering India’s first YouTube network at PING Networks, and steering content strategy for giants like Flipkart and Amazon.


Each chapter of my career has been guided by a Darwinian philosophy— the pursuit of evolution. It's not just about adapting, but evolving to create work that resonates and instigates positive change. Filmmaking, my most profound passion, is the vessel through which I voice my narratives, leaving a trail of thought-provoking stories like ‘#LastWords’. This 15-year voyage in brand communication and visual media, punctuated by laurels at Cannes and Abbys Goafest, has been nothing short of a quest for tiny ripples of change that echo across the world.

Founder Member / Partner, WYP Brand Solutions.

A 360 Digital Agency for a digital world.

Head Digital Content, Medulla Communications

Awarded No.1 Pharma Agency 2016.

Founder Member, Ping Networks

India’s first digital network for digital audiences, with a vision to offer content to a global market.

Co-founder, The Blackout Festival

An experimental Art Festival was exhibited in 2016 at Basil Museum, Switzerland.



Throughout my journey as a Creative Director, Content Creator, and Filmmaker, I've been driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and effecting positive change through my work. While awards are not the essence of my journey, they serve as milestones reflecting the impact of our collective efforts. These awards, while appreciated, are mere reflections of the collaborative spirit and the commitment to meaningful storytelling that drives my craft forward.

India Palliative Association

CANNES 2017 - Gold and Silver in the Education / Awareness category - WYP

CANNES 2016 - 2 Golds & 1 Silver in the Education/Awareness category - Medulla

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Zentel - ‘Slums for Worms’

zentel award.jpg

ABBYS GOAFEST 2017 - Gold in the Out of Home category - Medulla WYP Network

CANNES 2016 Silver & bronze in the Branded Communication; Pharma category - Medulla WYP Network

CANNES 2016 Silver & bronze in the Branded Communication; Pharma category - Medulla WYP Network

IPL Chonkpur ke Cheetahs

ABBYS GOAFEST 2018 - Gold in the Integrated Retail category -  WYP

ipl wix.jpg
gift a story wix.jpg

Vodafone - Gift A Story

ABBYS GOAFEST 2018- Gold in the Activation category - WYP

Franklin Templeton - Ask What ELSS

DMA ECHO 2016 - Gold in the Education and Awareness category - WYP

what wix.jpg
wyp wix.jpg


ABBYS GOAFEST 2018 - Branded Content and Entertainment Agency of the Year

Medulla Communications

CANNES 2016 - Healthcare Agency of the Year

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